Aviation Training School is based in Algeria. Our aim is to construct and foster unique partnership throughout the airline industry.

Our programs focus on future airline captains training. To succeed, we seriously invested in human resources, state of the art sites, aircrafts and flight simulators.

Precisely selected and equipped training facilities added to the most innovative aviation training programs in Algeria, provide a pleasing and very efficient learning environment.

Professional aviators, passionate about training, represent our Staff. These instructors (captains) are hired for their professional skills, passion and ability to pass on knowledge and experience. They make sure we always meet or exceed our students and operators expectations

Ground and flight training are both Algerian Civil Authorities (DACM) certified and conform to AESA standards.

Our Goals are:

To take you from Aviation Foundation with no experience right up to Commercial Pilot (CPL) with Instrument rating (IR) along with a Theoretical Airline Transport Pilot License ( ATPL) and a Multi-Crew-Coordination/jet oriented training (MCC/JOC), through a structured syllabus combining classroom & distance learning along with ground and flight training.

To ensure, you receive the best quality and care throughout your training, you will learn to fly on a fleet of DA-40NG & DA-42VI (Single & twin-engine), modern and recent aircrafts, currently the worldwide reference aircraft in the field of air training.

Assets, facilities and fleet

The training facilities are designed to offer a pleasant learning environment along with the most innovative aviation training programs in Algeria.

A management software, designed specifically for aviation training centers, is used to run the administrative and operational sides of the organization. It is also used to track the availability of the didactical tools.


Etudiants_lisant_carteThe ground school is based in Algiers, the single engine (SE) flight school at Tiaret. The multi-engine (ME) and the flight simulator are located within REDMED compound near Hassi-Messaoud Airport.



The classrooms are all designed and equipped for up to 15 students each. A dedicated E-exam computers equipped classroom is prepared for progress tests, mock and official exams.




The flight school has an appropriate operations & flight planning space including:

  • The required maps and charts
  • A continuously updated Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)
  • Current meteorological information displayed through an internet connection and printable for flight when necessary (preflight folder)


You can make your training on our Diamond fleet including:

  • The Single engine (SE) DA-40 NG’s, (Tundra – new generation)
  • The Multi-engine (ME) DA 42 VI

ATS fleet is equipped with advanced flight instruments, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) display, a GARMIN 1000, and Navigational sensors including GPS.

Our simulator is an advanced FNPT II MCC (Alsim-ALX-24) located at Hassi Messaoud, South of Algeria.
It can be set for up to eight (08) different flight models; ranging from the fixed pitch and landing gear single engine aircraft to more difficult retractable gear, twin turboprop or turbojet for MCC/JOC training.


Our Partners